Peelers: A new chapter

What a great weekend. The first Peelers Bash at Imber Court to celebrate our fifth anniversary is now but a memory, but what a memory.

The scene was set, the banners up, and a couple of Peeler’s and Lex’s were already nursing heads from the night before.

As people started to gather and the tents went up in our private field by the river, the clouds broke and the sunshine shone.

Before long the bar was awash with club colors as Peelers, Blue Knights, Lex Legio, Gunfighters, Marshalls (all the way from the Netherlands), Widows Sons and a scattering of friends greeted and raised a glass to absent friends.

During the festivities, we found the time to award our fledgling Scotland Chapter with its full patch membership and a healthy toast was had as the Club begins to spread north of the border. Well done guys, a proud moment for us all.

After drinking a toast to our new friends, it was time to rock out to Black Diamonds and the Smokin Dogs and even have a little of our own sing-along entertainment before the bar finally threw us out and we retired to the field and partied until the wee hours.

For those of you that couldn’t make it, the good news is that we will do it all again next year. So, stand by for the date, which will be announced as soon as possible.

If it’s as good as this year then we are in for a great time.

All that remains to say, is a big thank you to those who made it such a great night, for those that made it run so smoothly on the day.

A special thanks to Rommel of Lex Legio for putting in the miles, and to the Marshalls MC who travelled all the way from Holland to party with us.