Looking back on 2017 and ahead to 2018, it’s been a whirlwind of an experience.

At the latter part of 2016, we contacted the Mother Chapter of Peelers Lemc.Talks resulted in the founding Scottish members making a trip to the capital early in 2017, to be warmly greeted by club founder and President Boots and the other chapter members and being awarded the “prospect chapter status”.

We worked hard as a prospect chapter, keeping the faith, promoting the ethos of the club wherever possible. We rode hard, wore our prospect cuts proudly and enlightened those interested, who and what we, the Caledonia chapter and Peelers Lemc were all about.


On 5 August 2017, three founding members of our chapter attended the Peelers 5th Anniversary BASH. This was a most wonderful experience to be with our Peeler brothers and to meet members from other Lemc’s from here in the UK and Europe, enjoying some brotherhood merriment and song and to top it all we were humbled to be awarded our full patches and full chapter status.    


From this point on it was full steam ahead for the chapter and our next big outing. This was to be Scotland’s own version of Sturgis, “Thunder in the Glen” held every August bank holiday in the picturesque Highland town of Aviemore.


Myself, Ninja Col, Prez and my wingman Gunz, VP, in the ride- out of 2,000 motorcycles on August bank holiday weekend 2017, Aviemore Scotland.

Run by the Dunedin Hog chapter, the event hosts up to 4,000 Harley bikers, with ride-outs, live music and trade stands. This is an event not to be missed and a great opportunity to spread the good word of Peelers LEMC. Wearing our three-piece patches did start a bit of discussion amongst the revelers and we were genuinely welcomed to the event and applauded for our chapter.

The chapter had one more, big weekend trip and this time we were joined by trusted supporters of the club and members of the NOBS (New Order Bikers) based in Edinburgh. Prez Col organised the two-day event that ran from the Scottish Borders to Campbeltown, on the Mull of Kintyre peninsula. The route involved three ferry hops, long stretches of open empty roads and stunning scenery. We enjoyed great food and drink and forged fantastic friendships on the road. We are lucky to have such support in the short time we had been formed.

The weekend also gave us the opportunity to patch in two of our newest prospects at the time, Maps and Tiny under the watchful eye of VP Gunz at the National Police memorial statue, Tulliallan Police College, Scotland.


Now in January 2018, we welcomed prospect Steve to the fold under the watchful eye of Sir Robert Peel in George Square, Glasgow, at the same time as promoting Tiny to Sgt at Arms. Congratulations to both.

We continue to grow as a chapter, learning as we go, slow and steadfast.

Thank you for the continued support and ride safely in 2018.

Much L&R, Ninja Col,

President Peelers, Caledonia chapter.


Peelers: A new chapter

What a great weekend. The first Peelers Bash at Imber Court to celebrate our fifth anniversary is now but a memory, but what a memory.

The scene was set, the banners up, and a couple of Peeler’s and Lex’s were already nursing heads from the night before.

As people started to gather and the tents went up in our private field by the river, the clouds broke and the sunshine shone.

Before long the bar was awash with club colors as Peelers, Blue Knights, Lex Legio, Gunfighters, Marshalls (all the way from the Netherlands), Widows Sons and a scattering of friends greeted and raised a glass to absent friends.

During the festivities, we found the time to award our fledgling Scotland Chapter with its full patch membership and a healthy toast was had as the Club begins to spread north of the border. Well done guys, a proud moment for us all.

After drinking a toast to our new friends, it was time to rock out to Black Diamonds and the Smokin Dogs and even have a little of our own sing-along entertainment before the bar finally threw us out and we retired to the field and partied until the wee hours.

For those of you that couldn’t make it, the good news is that we will do it all again next year. So, stand by for the date, which will be announced as soon as possible.

If it’s as good as this year then we are in for a great time.

All that remains to say, is a big thank you to those who made it such a great night, for those that made it run so smoothly on the day.

A special thanks to Rommel of Lex Legio for putting in the miles, and to the Marshalls MC who travelled all the way from Holland to party with us.


Forward facing

September 2017 will be the 5th Anniversary of the PEELERS LEMC and in August we will celebrate that in style with our LE Brothers. More of that in a moment, but first it’s entirely right that we catch up on where we are as a club at this juncture.

5 years ago there was a seed of an idea to create a brotherhood, unlike most others. A 100% sworn Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, and to this day, we have stood strong with that ideal, Resisting the urge to swell numbers with members from elsewhere, we have remained a 100% serving (and/or retired) Police motorcycle club. And proud to say so.

But grow we have, with patched members swelling our ranks. With our American SoCal chapter and our prospect Scotland chapter.

As our American brothers (SoCal chapter) begin to get a foothold amongst the very popular membership of LE Clubs across the pond, which is no mean feat as there are now increasingly more diluted LEMCs popping up all over the US, they have been steadfast in their values by rejecting the many fly-by-night membership enquiries. Thank you, Brothers.


Our immediate focus turns to Scotland and we will be keen to advance the prospect chapter who have shown a great spirit and desire to become a full member of the LEMC Club world. A lot of work has gone on by the members to represent the PEELERS SCOTLAND on the open road we hope to share the developments with you all in due course.



So that takes us up to our Birthday Bash in August. The Peelers’ day at Court. At Imber Court Police Club in fact. This event is open to Law Enforcement clubs and supporters only. Tickets are still available, and if you can show your support please contact one of our members.

It’s been a tough year for all the Emergency Service family this year and recent events in the UK, not only shook the world, but many of the Peelers found themselves directly involved in the events in London. Since those events, with extra hours and bigger demands from our chosen careers, the Club has managed to scrabble a few runs together, often ending up back at ‘the Court’ to discuss and plan the event in August. To say that we as a club are excited about hosting our first event is an understatement so we would love to see you there, maybe camping on the field, and letting your hair down to the bands with your LE Club brothers from across the UK (and beyond).


Today, Wednesday 22nd March 2017, four days later, four members of Peelers Lemc alongside many brave Brothers and Sisters from all the Emergency Services had to return to Parliament square in not so joyous circumstances.

A beautiful sunny day in London with people going about their business, as usual, their lives about to be spoilt forever.

Today, the realisation of “When, not if”, a terrorist attack on the heart of Britain’s democracy became a reality. A coward with murderous intentions mounted the pavement on the Southside of Westminster Bridge and drove at innocent members of the public, hitting scores, eventually crashing his vehicle into the side wall of the Palace of Westminster. Not satisfied with the carnage in his wake, the assailant took knives from his vehicle and attacked an unarmed officer as he rushed to enter Carriage Gates, entrance to the Houses of Parliament. The attacker was engaged by an armed officer and later died.

PC Keith Palmer, the unarmed officer, came to work, a day like many other days, posed for photographs with appreciative tourists, lost his life today for just doing his job.

The Thin Blue Line has lost one of its own today and bleeds.


Peelers LEMC would like to express their sympathy to your family, friends and colleagues on this very sombre day.

Take it easy now Brother, Your work here is done. Thank you for your service


We would also like to offer sympathy to the families who lost loved ones or were injured in this barbaric and cowardly attack

Border Crossing

On Saturday we enjoyed a few drinks in London town with visiting members of our Peelers– Prospect Chapter – Scotland.

We started out our day at the iconic biker’s café/restaurant, the Bike Shed in Shoreditch early doors. Always made welcome by proprietors Dutch and Vikki. Plenty of custom café racers to look over and plenty of custom/ alternative biker clothing.


Then we treated our Scottish brothers to a photo outside 10 Downing Street.



Found ourselves drinking locally in a few of the many, packed drinking establishments, full of protesters from a demonstration that had recently ended.

We had the opportunity to present “Beans and Ninja” their prospect Scotland colors in front of the statue of the main man and forefather of the modern-day Police service, Sir Robert Peel in Parliament Square.



You guessed it, More London pubs to finish the evening

Welcome to the club brother, make us proud