Non-profit organisation.

PEELERS Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was formed in England. A Brotherhood for sworn/retired members from Civilian Police forces. (Not Military Police).

PEELERS LEMC was formed on 1st September 2012. A group of like-minded Police officers who share the same demanding occupation, that in their downtime like to share the open road on two wheels.

Our main focus is on transparency.  “We are what we are and proud of it”.

Membership is only taken from, male serving/retired Civilian Police Officers.

PEELERS Lemc, “We sure ain’t a big club, we won’t claim to be the best club. But we are a club of close Brothers who hold the same ideals, in what we want out of a club. We are lucky also to have first class support from our close Brothers and sisters in the LEMC world. With this support, we will be the best in ‘what we do and what we want to achieve.”

We actively support neighbouring Lemc rides and functions.

We were not created as charity Motorcycle club but will give support to Police charities when possible.

In June 2015, Our brand of LEMC was exported to the USA. The PEELERS LEMC AMERICA, SoCal chapter was born.

March 2017 saw the forming of the Peelers Scotland prospect chapter.

On the 5th August 2017, Peelers Scotland was established after a successful prospecting period.

PEELERS LE are, a 100% sworn civilian Police (LEO) Motorcycle Club.

We are not an 1% (Outlaw) club. We have no interest in 1% business. We only associate with other Law Enforcement clubs. We do not claim territory. Our bottom rocker purely indicates what country our chapter is from. We respect every-bodies freedom of the road, as our constitution intended.

Thank you


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