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  1. Greetings from your LE Brothers and Sisters from across the Pond. And more specifically, The Blue Knights, Rhode Island – Chapter 1. Keep vigilant, and carry on with the good work!

    Ride With Pride,
    Wallace Martin

    • Wallace,
      You are welcome brother. Thank you Kindly for your support and for the kind words.
      Respects to you and BK Rhode Island chapter
      President-Peelers-Lemc England

  2. Just stopping by, much Love and Respect from So Cal!!

    Olde Skool
    Sacred Sons M/C
    So Cal/ Inland Valley VP

  3. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Stay safe guys and hope to see you on the rode in 2014. Respects Congo, IOMC Iceni Crew

  4. Just stopping by to say hello to our friends The Peelers! You’re website looks great. Hope all is well and keep up the good work!

    Watchmen MC

  5. Coolest patch yet, love the story behind it. Start a chapter in Ny so I can join lol, be safe my brothers from across the pond.

    • James, thanks for your kind words Bro. You never know what will happen in the future. Peelers Lemc World has got a ring to it. Lol


      Peelers Lemc England

    • Choc.
      Watchmen MC are always welcome here Brother. I can’t wait to see what Chris is doing with the revamped webpage. No doubt its gonna be awesome.

  6. as a biker and met officer of 10 years i’d like to say safe biking and enjoy every moment all you geezers and girlzers

    • Choc – Thanks for the kind words Brother

      You know where Watchmen MC rate with us. Keep up the fresh ideas and keeping the 100% sworn ideals to the forefront of the LEMC world.

      Peelers Lemc England

  7. Just a quick message to say hi and wish you guys well. Great looking website. Really impressed. Hope to meet you all out on the road. Respects IAMC England

    • 2 Mags,
      Thank you for your kind words of support. I’m sure we can sort something out in the near future.


      Peelers Lemc England

  8. Wow, looking great guys! I’ve been checking in on the progress and it’s looking great. I also know its not easy to start a club from the ground up! Everything is a learning experience. I hope to get to meet some Peelers one day. Keep up the great work!
    Juggernaut James
    Huntsmen LEMC

    • Juggernaut,
      Thanks for your kind words. As you said, Its not easy to start from scratch, but its a way of getting a club how you want it.
      Everything good takes time and i know it will be a struggle.
      We are up for the challenge,

      Peelers Lemc England

  9. I am the prez for the Redwood Chapter of the Roughnecks MC out here in California …we as well are a public safety club…
    My Sec/Treas and I were wondering if you had supporter shirts for sale

    • James, Thanks for stopping by. We did have some support t/shirts made up as seen in our Facebook page but have sold those. We are in the process of designing a few new ones. I will contact you to see if your still interested when some more come in.
      Thanks again for you interest.
      Respects to Roughnecks MC
      Peelers Lemc England

  10. Well done guys a great new club in the UK LEMC world.
    I look forward to a continued friendship with our clubs.
    Keep going and doing what you love respects
    BK England 2

    • Mike, This site was put together today with a very limited knowledge of web design. Its still in its infancy stages as you can see but will be an ongoing project for me. Thanks for coming by and we look you up if we can get ourselves stateside.
      Much Respect
      Peelers Lemc England

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